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Favorite Things from 2018

Starting our own separate businesses was one of the main highlights of the year for us.  We were nervous at first, but once we got into the groove, everything was just fine.  Being in a temporary space has its challenges, but it has really helped with the transition from open salon to a smaller, more intimate suite setting.  We’re so excited to see our new suite once they get it completed.  We went over before Christmas, and they had just started the framing.  They had all the spaces marked, and we got to walk around in what will be our suite.  It’s such an exciting part of the building process.

We’re also both loving new products.  We still love Redken, but we’ve been able to branch out since starting our own business.  Olaplex, Moroccanoil styling products, and Matrix color have found a lasting place on our shelves.

Favorite Things from Chloe–


I have a new love for texture spray!  It’s my new all time favorite hair product.  I’m also loving Verb shampoo and conditioner.  They smell great and leave the hair with a really nice clean feeling.  A big favorite for me for 2018 was our photo shoot in the studio.  It made me feel like the ultimate #bossbabe!  I love that I was forced out of my comfort zone and was able to place trust in myself and my new suitemate.  We had a great time, and the photos are so good!

Personally, 2018 was a big year as well.  We took Lena to the beach for the first time, and she was the perfect beach baby!  My husband got baptized.  We bought a house in White House, where we have wanted to live for several years.  We adopted a puppy named Sandler.  And then on top of all that excitement, we found out about the final piece of our family puzzle, Stella Grace.  She’s due in June 2019!

Favorite Things from Jacqui–


My husband and I love to rank things, and on the last day of 2018, we had to give a classic review of the best and worst of our year.  Some of our favorite moments included our trip to Colorado, watching our little girl learn how to write and turn 4 (Wow! Where does the time go?), and riding out a small tropical storm while we were in Mexico Beach in May.  The whole town is so changed after Hurricane Michael came through in October that it’s kind of bittersweet but good all the same.  We also had our 10 year anniversary.

Professionally, I couldn’t ask to be in a better place.  I am in awe of my clients and their support of me and my family.  They could choose to go anywhere.  My favorite products of the year are the OPI gel color top coat and the Matrix Colorsync line. And of course I have a continued love affair with Kenra’s dry texture spray.  I also have to agree with Chloe about our studio photo shoot being a top moment.  I was always behind the camera when I taught high school (yearbook class), so it’s not super easy for me to lighten up and have smiling eyes.  But my friend and photographer, Mayter Scott, did an amazing job styling us and helping us breathe.  She’s just such an incredible artist and human being, and I’m so thankful 2018 reconnected us.  Go check out her instagram if you have a chance.

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salon renovation


We moved into the doctor’s office a couple weeks ago.  It was so surreal to move everything and to see our old space so empty.  All day that Wednesday, I felt like I was in a dream.  Chloe doesn’t work on Wednesdays, so her first day in the new space was Thursday, and she said the same thing.  Everything was taking longer because we had to stop and remember where we set up one particular thing or another. It really was like moving a home!

On the positive side, the doctor’s office is clean and bright, and it smells like the spa because the massage people, Sharon and Tatiana, are there with us.  And Lisa, our esthetician, is also with us.  The kitchen space is nice and big.  We also have three bathrooms.  One of the bathrooms even has a little stainless steel door that connects to one of Lisa’s rooms.  It’s where urine samples were passed through!  I think that is so funny.  Don’t worry; everything has been cleaned numerous times.

They also started construction last week.  Take a look at the pics below. They put up the wall so the other side of the salon could still function during construction.  There are 6 stylists operating out of that portion, and Mindy, our receptionist, is based there.  She has been doing laundry like a fiend over there, too.  Have I mentioned that Mindy is the best customer service person I have ever witnessed in my life?  She is also still booking appointments for Chloe, me, and some of the other girls as well.  She RULES.

We started doing booth rent on September 1.  I have liked shopping for my supplies so much!  I guess it’s just because it feels like shopping in general, and I LOVE shopping.  We’ve also started trying new hair color lines (Joico and Matrix) and OPI’s gel nail color line.  We are very impressed.  I followed manufacturer’s instructions exactly, and the soak off time is only a tad bit longer than CND’s shellac.  And it doesn’t damage nails like we had previously thought.  I don’t know what other nail salons are doing, whether they are mixing lines or curing too long or using too many coats, but we are very happy to extend our options to our clients just in time for fall.

Another thing that I hadn’t expected going into this was the psychology of processing my own payments.  It’s so much more personal than I realized.  What an incredible job!  We get to help our clients achieve the look they desire (or the relaxation they need) while talking and having a personal connection, and then they support us with their money.  They could take their money anywhere!  That is so incredibly humbling to me.  I am in awe of this career, this amazing journey that continues to surprise me everyday.