New Clients

Hi there, Lovely! We’re so glad you came to join us!
Let’s get started.

When you first arrive, you will find ample parking in the parking lot in the front of our building. Some days can get hectic with a popular lunch restaurant located two doors down, so you may have to drive down a little way to find a spot. Once you park, you’ll come to the front entrance located directly below the ELITE STUDIOS sign. If your appointment is between the hours of 9-4 (Tuesday-Friday) or 9-3 (Saturday), the front doors will be unlocked. Come on in. If the receptionist is not at the front desk, please feel free to have a seat. We are awaiting your arrival and will be coming to get you shortly. If you feel more comfortable waiting in your car due to COVID, or if you enter the lobby and there are already 3 people waiting, please text us or call the front desk number when you arrive. We will be with you shortly.

If your appointment is not between the hours listed above, the doors will be locked. You will find a call box to the right of the double doors. Find our name and dial the number provided on the call box. It will call us, and we will dial you in.

SUITE 111-
Our suite is located to the left as your enter the lobby. It is the first suite by the front desk. We know you are excited (so are we!), but please don’t come right in as we are usually finishing up with a client, getting more towels from the back, or waiting for santitation protocols to complete the drying process. We want to make your visit with us *just right.*

Once we come get you, you’ll have a seat in one of our chairs, and we will chat all about what we may have discussed in your pre-visit consultation, what to expect, what your goals are long-term, a plan for future visits, and current hair condition as well as products you are currently using. All the things!

<in the chair>

So what service experience should you book? That all depends on your goals. If you are just wanting a good cut, we recommend you book the “New Client Hair Cut” option. If you are wanting any sort of color service, we strongly recommend having an in-person or email consultation (fill out the contact form below). We have extensive color appointments available (3.5+ hours) as well as express color services (1.5 hours); it all just depends on the current state of your hair and what your goals are. Check out the links below for pricing and detailed descriptions on our service experiences.


Ready to book your appointment?
We have an online booking link available 24/7. Please note that many of our color services do not directly correlate to the color services on our Vagaro booking link. This is why it is so important to consult with us via email to determine the appropriate color service/timing for you.

Vagaro booking link

Please email your stylist with any questions you may have. We respond to emails within 24-48 hours Monday-Friday. If for some reason you do not receive an email response within 48 hours (Monday-Friday), please contact the front desk at Elite Studios at 615-230-2962. We love technology but acknowledge that things do happen that are out of our control. PLEASE DO NOT contact our personal Facebook pages or the Facebook business page for Cutting Remarx or Elite Studios. The messages get lost more often than not, and we do not want to miss your communication with us!


We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Keep up with us on our FB page Cutting Remarx where we give updates about salon happenings, styling products, and easy how-to videos.