wet or dry cut
shampoo + cut
cut + style/blow out
shampoo + style/blow out
*add $5+ for thick/long hair


shampoo + cut + style/blow out
*This price tier is required for new clients or clients who wish to change styles. Some cuts require styling so your stylist can ensure the best outcome for you. Please allow 1 hour.
*add $5 for thick/long hair


Please understand that some cuts require precision and will need more time. Some cuts require styling by your professional to ensure ease of styling for your needs at home.

All of our prices are starting prices and are based on client needs and time allotted. We want to help you achieve the look you desire, and we will consult with you before beginning a service. Please feel free to openly discuss pricing at this time. Also know that pricing can fluctuate depending on current condition of hair.