COVID-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols For The Salon

Employee Safety
Cosmetologists will:

  • be screened before work everyday
  • wear a cloth mask that covers the nose and mouth
  • wash hands between serving each client
  • perform regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces such as door handles, counter space, light switches, tools, instruments, etc. at least every 2 hours and before and after each client

Client Safety
For the client’s safety, there will be:

  • screening upon entry
  • NO self-serve food or beverage (no water fountains)
  • NO congretating in the waiting area, halls, check-in counter, etc.
  • NO walk-ins; appointment only
  • NO books, magazines, or any shared materials
  • NO companions


  • Bring a mask that covers your mouth and nose.
  • Please be on time and prepared to wait in your car.
    • We appreciate your patience as we get our timing right for all the new procedures.  Time will be tight, so being ready to go for your appointment is key.
  • Have your phone ready- power and sound ON.
  • Chloe or I will call you when it is time for you to enter the building.
  • Put your mask on before entering the building.
  • Chloe or I will meet you in the lobby and take your temperature (touchless).
  • You will wash your hands for 20+ seconds.
  • You’ll come in to our suite and sit in the chair.
  • Chloe or I will ask you several screening questions.

Things to remember:

  • NO ONE may accompany you to your appointment, including children.
  • If you know that you will need water or snacks during your appointment, please provide them.
  • A mask will be required at all times, no exceptions.
  • If you are 5+ minutes late, we will have to cut part of your service or cancel it altogether.
    • We are on a VERY tight timeline with disinfection procedures, so we really appreciate your undertstanding in this matter.
  • If you feel sick at all in any way, DO NOT COME. Call the front desk to cancel.



If you’d like to read the complete Close Contact Business Guidelines, please click this link.