Color + Treatments

Before booking a color service through our online booking link, please consult with your professional about the proper color service to choose. The time alotted is VERY important in what we can achieve in your session. The guest experiences listed below are for pricing ideas only and do not always directly reflect what is available through the booking link.

We recognize that as we all evolve and grow as people, our hair and beauty needs evolve as well. We want to shift the focus of hair color for you. Instead of covering something up, we aim to enhance what you already have. Maybe shift it a little to make something you can spend less money and time on.


All Over Color
1 color, new growth touch-up only
Starting at $60
(1.5 hours)

All Over Color + Refresh
Need an all over refresh? This service includes color that will be applied from scalp to ends. Permanent or demi-permanent color, no foil work, one color only. If your hair has been previously lightened and you are wanting to go several levels darker, your hair will need a double processing appointment. Please consult with your stylist as this may not be the service for you.
Starting at $80 for shorter hair, pricing increases as length/thickness increases
(Allow 2+ hours)

All Over Color + Partial Highlight
Permanent or demi-permanent color on scalp and lightening service with foil work
Starting at $125

Balayage can vary greatly depending on the current condition of hair and the desired look to be achieved. We highly recommend a complimentary consultation before booking this type of appointment, especially if you are a new client.
Starting at $100

Partial Highlight
Starting at $80

Color Melt
Starting at $100


Add Root Smudge to Highlight
Wanting a seamless blend with your lightnening service? This is the salon experience for you if you like the brightness that highlights give you, but you don’t want the 4-8 week maintenance. With proper at-home maintenance, a root smudge can give you up to 8 extra weeks between sessions. Pricing varies depending on client needs and hair condition.

Add Root Smudge + Toning Gloss to Highlight
This is the Root Smudge + Highlight Service experience with a toner/gloss added for those of us who need extra love on our blonding session, whether that be caramel tones, ashy tones, pastel tones, copper, or even red. Pricing varies depending on client needs and hair condition.

Add Toning/Gloss to any service

Add Cut

If you’re running short on time or budget, this is the type of service for you.

Glow + Go
Gloss up your locks with this express service. Includes glossing service (toner), shampoo, cut, and blow out. Great for our lived-in color/low maintenance color clients in between color/lightening sessions for that continued glow.
Starting at $75

Partline New Growth Touch Up
We apply your individually tailored formula around your face, 1 inch around your partline, and around that tricky crown area.
Starting at $35

Express Lightening Session/Moneypiece Touch-up
A lightening session that includes the areas around your face and nape (if you wear your hair in a ponytail a lot). This can really freshen up your look without an entire 3+ hour session.  Toning gloss may be needed at additional cost.  Cut is not included.
Starting at $75

We are so happy to offer this customized color experience to our array of services.  Offering a gradual growing out process is one of our specialties.  Your first session will often be a 4+ hour process, but this allows for future sessions to be simple maintenance.  We also will recommend at-home maintenance products that will extend the life of your desired outcome. 

All grey blending services are individualized, so pricing is based on the particular grey pattern and the desired outcome.
Starting at $175-200

Did you feel the need to experiment during quarantine? No judgment here!  We completely get it. But we also know the feeling of wanting to get things squared away again. Consultation required before booking as these services often book for 4+ hours and will possibly require more than one session.
Starting at $200


Customized Hair Treatment + Take Home
Feeling dry, drab, or just plain blah?
Add a customized hair treatment to your session, and take home the FULL SIZE mask.

Scalp Treatment
Stand-alone service (includes blow out)
Winter blues have you feeling itchy or flaky? Product build-up during the warmer months? This salon experience is a stand-alone service that includes scalp brushing, scalp treatment oil, and a special shampooing and conditioning treatment for scalp health. It also includes a blow out so you can feel fresh and new when you leave.
Starting at $45

Scalp Treatment Add-on to Any Service
Are you coming in for a hair cut and need some extra scalp love? This is great for those dry winter months or for product build up during the summer. Not recommended for add-on during a color service.

Olaplex Treatment Add-On
Can be added to any color service

Olaplex Treatment
Stand-alone service. Includes blow out.
Starting at $40

Good color takes time.  Please allow for at least 2.5 hours when sheduling your appointment, especially if you are a new client. All of our prices are starting prices and are based on client needs and time allotted. We want to help you achieve the look you desire, and we will consult with you before beginning a service. Please feel free to openly discuss pricing at this time. There is no shame in a budget! Also know that pricing can fluctuate depending on current condition of hair.

Can’t seem to get on the books exactly when you need to?
Ask about our “Peak & Premium Pricing.”