I’ve tried to write this post three times now.  It’s a long story, and I don’t know where to start.  So I’m going to sit right in this moment and share it with y’all.  As stylists, we like to pride ourselves in our training and knowledge of science. We try to be very honest with our clients about their goals.  Sometimes that means brutal honesty.  I know that I would want someone to be brutally honest with me, so that’s how I approach things as well.  And I know Chloe feels the same way.  We like to cut right to chase, so to speak.  (My husband says I need to quit with the little “cutting” puns.  lol!  I digress.)

I could go into the background of this client experience with you, but as I was talking it out today in the salon, I realized it doesn’t matter.  The crux of the matter is this:  I am human, and I didn’t reach my client’s hair goals.  After I thought I could.

Whew!  It takes a lot to just say that.  We are human.  We have limitations, and we aren’t good at every single thing.  I know this.  You know this.  But it’s still hard.  So in going with this year’s “Word of the Year” theme, my word for this post is HUMBLE.  Ice cold brutal humility.

So we didn’t get where we wanted.  It wasn’t bad hair.  The condition wasn’t compromised.  (My number one priority is maintaining the integrity of the client’s hair.)  It just didn’t get to that icy cold platinum blonde we wanted.  It looked like it had.  But it definitely had not.  There were several factors that went into this , and it would take all day to type them.  It was a total bummer.  So I took a step back, I did some research, I made a plan, and I called my client.  We had an honest conversation about where she was, where she wanted to be, and what my plan was for finally getting us there.

She trusted me, she came back in, and y’all know what?  It turned out amazing!  I was SOOOO happy with our end result, and she was, too.  She even trusted me to do a little root smudge to blur out her regrowth even though she was very unsure about putting anything dark on her very platinum blonde hair.

Here’s the thing.  We are confident in our abilities and our knowledge, but we are also human.  We can miss the mark.  But I can guarantee you this.  We will do everything in our power to get you to your goals while keeping your hair healthy.  We will make a plan with you and explain all the steps involved in each one.  We want to make hair knowledge accessible to you because we want you to be empowered in your beauty.  We want you be happy.  It makes US so happy to make all your hair dreams come true.

And so with this start of a new decade, our focus becomes more finely tuned.

Accessible beauty.
Empowering women with beauty knowledge.
Real beauty for real women.

1 thought on “Ice COLD”

  1. And this is why you both are excellent stylist! The integrity of your clients hair is always foremost in your mind no matter what they come to you wanting. I’ve seen some bad stylists in my day and it makes me appreciate the good ones like you guys all the more!
    Keep it up ladies!!


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