Adventures in the Meantime

While we’ve been waiting for more information about our salon transition, we have had some adventures.  We know we’re going to be moving from our current salon space to another area in the same building, but we don’t know which area.  It could be the back part of the salon, or it could be another office space in our building.  In preparation for that, there’s been a lot of cleaning out of drawers and cabinets.  Who knew one person could stash so many cheez-its?

In terms of adventures, Chloe has been working on buying a house, and I went to Colorado.  Chloe and her husband found a super cute house, and they’ve been dealing with all the ups and downs that buying a house entails.  They say that the 3 most stressful things in life are buying a house, starting a business, and having a baby.  Well….Chloe had a baby last year.  Now she’s doing the other 2 in the same month.  She’s one strong lady!

I decided back in the spring that since my husband and I have been married for 10 years this year, we should go on a trip.  What better time to go than in August when things usually slow down?  After school starts, there’s usually somewhat of a slow-down in appointment frequency.  Any time there is a major holiday like Christmas or significant universal life event like school starting, folks’ schedules usually change, throwing their hair or nail appointments off.  As it turned out, that didn’t exactly happen this year.  Don’t get us wrong; we are so VERY thankful for the continued amazing support from our INCREDIBLE clients!  It has been such a blessing to see how many people love and care about us.

Since I had already scheduled this Colorado trip way before any of the salon stuff happened, we hopped on a plane and made the most of it.  We walked around Denver, we stayed at the coolest hotel, we ate, we climbed a mountain (like…literally), we camped, we walked around Boulder in the little market/mall area, and I got to see some very dear college friends.  Meanwhile, Chloe moved out of her townhouse and prepped for a yard sale. And the yard sale was a huge success!

In the midst of all that planning and moving, Chloe and I went on location for a senior portrait shoot.  One of my college friends lives in the area, and she is an excellent photographer.  Her client needed hair and make-up for her senior portraits.  It was such a great afternoon!  Laid back, good conversation, classic make-up and hair, what more could one ask for?  Take a look at some of Amanda’s shots below.  She has such a wonderful eye!  We’re going to do another shoot when the autumn air starts rolling in, and I can’t wait.  Check out her other projects at https://www.mayterscott.com/

Look at the lighting on Chloe’s photo!  I just love it.


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