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Remember That Time We Met John Bobbitt’s Brother?

So I was going to write about summer nail colors we’ve been loving, but then we had a pretty interesting day the other day.  We realized through this experience that we have some pretty fascinating client stories.  I promise the polish color blog is coming.  I have the pictures even!

Our realization started out like this.  Chloe and I are in the nail room, and we start discussing Chloe’s brown recluse problem in her current residence.  We have some general discussion about spiders, and then my client starts telling us about her cousin who has this infection on his arm from a spider bite he got.  He has this pool company, and he’s around spiders all the time.  His infection isn’t from a brown recluse necessarily, but it’s infected nonetheless.  And THEN she tells us the craziest spider story I’ve ever heard. If you’re squeemish, skip the next paragraph.  This is your trigger warning.

This same cousin had a sinus infection for awhile.  It was super annoying, and then one day he blew his nose and saw…something.  So he goes to the emergency room.  They tell him they can’t do anything and he has to go to an ENT doctor.  A specialist.  So he goes to the specialist.  The doctor puts a scope/camera (I forget exactly what she said because of this next part) up into his sinuses, and they find…spider eggs.  A spider had laid eggs in his sinuses.  WHAT?!!!  There were some pretty loud exclamations at this revelation.  I just cannot even fathom that this is real.  Can this really happen?!  Medical professionals, please tell us the science on this!

Then we realized that we have some great stories from our clients.  Like the time we met John Bobbitt’s brother.  He and a friend were getting pedicures.  The friend and John Bobbitt’s brother had moved to the Nashville area in the previous year for various reasons.  My pedicure client and I were participating in the conversation, but then our conversation went in a different direction until I heard the words, “I bet Jacqui knows who that is.” Indeed, I do know who John Bobbitt is.  Some very good friends of mine have dressed up like John and Lorena for Halloween in the past.  John Bobbitt’s brother LOVED this, and decided he wanted John to know.  And then he FaceTimed him.  RIGHT THERE IN THE NAIL ROOM.  We all met John Bobbitt via FaceTime.  He’s apparently doing well as he had just been to the casino.  It seemed that it had been a winning day all around.

For a long time, I did not want to do manicures and pedicures.  I didn’t have good experiences with foot water in beauty school, and cuticles had previously made me nervous.  (I have no idea why.)  But 2 years ago, the salon needed someone to help in the nail room, and I felt like I was capable of that.  I’m glad I faced my fears.  The nail room has witnessed so many things- our creativity, clients’ comradery, sadness, joy, expectations- and I feel very blessed to have been a part of those things. There is something very special and humbling about transforming another person’s feet and nails.  The renovated salon will not have a dedicated nail “room.”  Chloe and I are hoping to be able to offer individual nail services in our suite when it is completed, but we don’t have the final information on that yet from our new owners.  So we wait, and we enjoy the last weeks we have in our little quirky fun space.



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