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Company Meeting

We had a meeting yesterday to meet the new owners!  They were super nice, and we learned about them and what they are planning to do to remodel the salon.  All I can say is this: We are SUPER excited to see the finished product.  It is going to be so nice!  We also got a more in-depth timeline, and there was a slight wrinkle. We will be changing to booth rent on September 1 instead of August 1.

We’re a little bummed that it’s going to be a little longer, but it gives us more time to make plans and gather our supplies.  We really want to explore different styling products and look at retail options for our favorites.  We love a good product!  Styling products really make all the difference in the world.  Before getting into this business, I thought I had tried them all.  And they have really come a long way from 10-15 years ago when I was using hair glue to spike out my wannabe Meg Ryan look.  Cue the face palm emoji!  My current obsession is dry texture spray.  Kenra brand, I’m talking about you.  😉

We’ve got some plans on the books, so be looking forward to another blog post later this week about hot nail colors for this hot weather.  (Why did it take me a week to get a photo of our favorites?!) And we have a senior portrait shoot coming up on Monday.  A friend of mine from college lives in the area, and she has become quite the photographer.  She has an incredible eye for light and color, so stay tuned!

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